Refund Policy

Online procurement of medicines is a boon for the customer if the website has made an effort to make it per the requirement of the customer. A similar ideology is what has powered the thought process of and encouraged it to design an interface that makes it easy for the customers to buy medicines from the website. The refund policy of the company is an extension of a similar idea and is designed to suit the customer’s convenience.

Requisites for refund generation

If you have applied for the refund against a particular product, the website would like to become sure of specific parameters. Firstly, the order must not be tampered with, or else it will not be refunded. This is to say that the customer must not have opened the medicines or disrupted the packaging of the medication. In such a scenario, it becomes difficult to apply for a refund. Moreover, care must be taken to apply for a refund within the given period. Failure to comply with the said time duration might result in cancellation of the right of the customer to ask for return or refund.

Duration of refunds

All the refunds are generated within 4-5 business days. You can check your bank account for any amount that is credited in your account or can apply for a refund via PayPal. PayPal is a specific payment gateway which makes it quite easy to receive refunds. Whatever is the mode for the generation of return is chosen by you, make sure to wait for a few days, and the website shall send the amount on a guaranteed basis.

Thus, the refund policy of the firm is in complete resonance with the goals and guidelines of the firm, which allows its customers to relax and purchase medicines anytime and anywhere.